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Soils and Footings

Much of Adelaide soil is considered reactive, meaning it contains a significant proportion of clay. The clay component in the soil expands or contracts depending on seasonal changes to the presence of water.

Reactive soils require careful analysis prior to building a structure to ensure the home’s foundations can withstand the expansion and contraction that may eventuate. Once the soil type is tested and confirmed, specialist engineers are engaged to design the most suitable foundations or footings taking into consideration potential soil movement, the style of home to be built, and surrounding vegetation such as trees near the home site.

As a quality Adelaide home builder, Australian Classic Homes engages specialist professional engineers to undertake soil testing and the design of foundations to safeguard your investment. Solutions are specific to your home and land so neither under-engineered which can result in  structure damage, nor over-engineered resulting in greater unnecessary costs.

We try to be realistic with our clients from the outset and will advise our clients in the early stages of any additional costs are to be expected by carrying out a Soil Test on which the Engineers can provide us with an indication of the footing sizes. Allowing a realistic footing size in the beginning means our adjustments on footing costs are usually much less than some competitors who make a very minimal allowance.

If you want to know more about the reactive soils and footings simply give us a call on 8332 6099… we’d love to hear from you.