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Extensions & Additions – Our Process

Regardless of whether your project is a custom new home, an extension, renovation or even a commercial development, each has equal importance and is approached with the same thorough detailed process.

Our tried and proven ‘9 Step Process’ has stood the test of time, is easily understood by all parties involved and is largely one of the reasons we achieve so much repeat business from our clients, their friends and other family members.


Our 9 Step Process

Step 1 –  Contact Australian Classic Homes for a Free No Obligation Consultation
This is probably the most important meeting to fully understand your project. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the design concept, budget, council considerations etc to help ascertain whether the project is likely to be viable given the determined constraints.

Step 2 – Budget
Once the initial consultation has taken place we will provide you our ideas in sketch form as well as a preliminary budget of your project which sets the foundation. It is important for both parties to be open in the discussions on budget as sometimes, with full knowledge, we are able to offer a much better design and/or include additional features at minimal extra cost.

Step 3 – Preparation of Concept Plans
Once the foundations of the project have been established we prepare the initial drawings in a 3D program that will allow us to view the project from different perspectives. The plans are discussed with you in detail prior to the plans going to council.

Step 4 – Submit plans to Council and start the Selection Process
The selection process begins soon after the plans are submitted to council provides us with as much time as possible for procurement.

Step 5 – Obtain final Building Approval & Finalise Quote
Once selections are complete we will advise you have any additional cost before preparing the Fixed Price Contract.

Step 6 – Construction
Every project is given the same level of attention at this stage with the Directors of the company overseeing all work. Being a custom builder no job is exactly the same and we pride ourselves on doing the job right. However, it’s rare that everything always go exactly to plan, which is why we’ve adopted a very simple philosophy:

If it is wrong then we fix it!

Many of our contractors have been with us for more than 10 years, so they understand our expectations of quality in every project we undertake.

Step 7 – Handover
The Construction Manager for your project will arrange regular on-site meetings with you throughout the project to ensure all is going to plan and you are fully informed of progress. As we get towards completion it becomes increasingly important to keep communication between all parties at a maximum so everything comes together for handover and entering your new home or extension is a fabulous experience.

Step 8 – Guarantee & Follow up
All of our work comes with a Five Year Structural & Defective Work Guarantee. About 4-6 weeks after moving in one of our team will contact you to make sure the home is what you expected. Then at 13 weeks we will organise a site meeting with our Construction Manager to go through any work that might require attention. Should something no be quite right during the first five years, simply give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to meet you on-site to discuss the matter and arrange to rectify any defective work as soon as practicable.

Step 9 – Call us Again Next Time
We don’t spend huge amounts on advertising because we know if you are happy with our work, you’ll call us again next time when you you wish to build or extend. Chances are, you’ll also tell your family and friends, or even ‘like us’ on social media.