Australian Classic Homes Split Level House Designs

Split Level Homes

Add interest to your property with split level home designs. We have helped developers and home-owners create a striking feature in their designer homes by adding staggered levels, making better use of space and light. The effect of split level home designs can add a new dimension to your living arrangements with a carefully planned and intelligently implemented split level design – especially useful if you’re looking to create a living area or dining area distinct from an open plan arrangement.

These split level home designs are a practical solution for a plot where the ground slopes from front to back, back to front, or from side to side when viewed from the street. Splitting levels this way reduces the cost of support work below the floor line. Split level home designs allow you to manage costs while adding architectural interest. Should you wish more information on split level home designs and the suitability of your land purchase, simply contact one of our friendly professional team on (08) 8332 6099 to arrange a time to discuss details.