Australian Classic Homes Selecta Range

Selecta Range

Australian Classic Homes is an award-winning custom-home designer with over 30 years experience working with clients to build their dream homes. But we’ve also come to recognise many of our customers prefer a range of ready-made solutions that have been tried and tested to make a choice from. As well as custom-built solutions, we now offer a huge range of over 80 designs of modern, innovative plans to consider. Our Selecta Range of home designs gives our valued clients the ultimate in choice, without having to start from scratch.

If you want to know more about our Selecta Range give the team at Australian Classic Homes as call on 8332 6099… we’d love to build a home to suit you and your lifestyle. Why not explore more from our Selecta Range, there’s a fantastic selection of home designs to choose from. Below is just a small sample of the homes we offer. If you can’t find something to suit simply click the ‘VIEW ALL PLANS’ button below to explore the full range.